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Canoeing Safari

Tanzania Canoeing Safari is a wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy the astonishingly beautiful scenery and see wildlife in Africa floating in a boat.

Canoeing Safaris are for those who enjoy little physical activity of paddling the waterways of lakes and rivers in Tanzania. It’s the best way to explore the most captivating wilderness at a relaxed pace.

Canoeing safari lets you enjoy the truly wild creatures that can’t be encountered moving in a safari vehicle. Imagine you are sitting in a boat, a herd of elephants having a bath, hippos just enjoying the swim with family and graceful birds flying towards you, all the experiences are just amazing.

Why choose a canoeing safari in Tanzania?

Tanzania holds several Destinations offering a canoeing safari. All the locations are based in remote areas. So whether you want to enjoy the canoeing safari with your family or just with your partner, the surroundings are completely peaceful.

Through this, you can have the chance to get relatively close to the wildlife. The interaction you have with the wildlife is intimate and heart-pumping. Overall, it is environment-friendly with the silence and brilliance of the surrounding scenery.

Where are the best locations for canoeing safaris in Tanzania? 

Canoeing Momella Lake (Arusha National Park)

Covered by green hills, Momella Lake is nestled in Arusha National Park dominating the post-volcanic landscape. The sodium-rich content and the algae formation are a favourite feeding for the pink flamingos.

Except, flamingos the place also harbours hippos, crocodiles and other water birds.

The most passionate and spectacular way to explore all this diversity is on a canoeing safari.

Canoeing Lake Duluti (Arusha)

Lake Duluti is full of activities and marvels. A canoeing safari in Duluti is pretty fun. Exploring different animals and plant species with the help of a professional guide is the most incredible thing you can have on your trip. The lake is also home to a different kind of colourful fish that you can also see during your safari.

Canoeing Lake Manyara (Manyara National Park)

Lake Mayara offers the spectacular experience of waterside game viewing. Paddling silently in the shoreline in a canoe and crossing buffalo, giraffe and elephants on the banks and walloping hippo and fabulous aquatic bird life in the water are the most amazing moments you can enjoy in Lake Manyara.

The awesome beauty of the isolated portion of the lake and breathing the fresh African air is a whole new experience.

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