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Walking / Hiking Safari

Tanzania is a truly incredible destination harbouring the wild areas in different ways. Among all walking safaris are the most authentic and purest forms to explore Tanzania the best. On foot, you can be able to access the thrilling and unbeatable Destinations Of Tanzania.

Nothing can be compared to the first encounter you have with the huge dangerous animal in a wild-land.

Why go for Tanzania Walking Safari

Feel, hear and smell Tanzania

Imagine feeling the vibration of the herd of Wildebeests running with great speed, hearing the lion roaring and chasing the prey and smelling the cultural wealth of Tanzania. All these things will awaken your sense and let you feel the part of the stunning environment.

Wildlife Up-close and personal

Tanzania Walking Safari lets you encounter the animals so close that you may ignore during game drives. This is one of the most exciting things as you come across the largest creatures to the smallest creatures.

Being on foot is a new perspective of how you view animals

A sense of respect comes automatically while you are on a walking safari. You may have ignored some of the animals that look uninteresting to you, but in actual sense, they also fight for their survival.

You can realise how helpless the preys are and how they struggle with the fear of getting hunted at any time.

Learn the behaviour of animals

Learning the behaviour of animals is the most interesting one. How both the predators and preys live united in the same place, what they eat, how they defend their lives from danger and much more interesting facts of the complex ecosystem.

Explore the tiny creatures on foot

During the walking safari, you get the chance to discover a more interesting world of tiny creatures that you may avoid during Game Drives.

The tiny animals like insects, reptiles and other small animals are also part of Tanzania’s complex ecosystem.

Learn the master skills of tracking the wild animals

In the whole safari, your guide will be with you to teach you some of the basic skills to track wild animals. Your guide lets you identify the smell of animals, recognizing the footsteps of large animals.

The tracking adds more fun and interest to your Tanzania Safari Trip.

Access the remote areas

On foot, more remote areas can be accessed, which can’t be possible in a safari vehicle. You can go anywhere you like following the wild path.

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