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Cultural Visits

Cultural Tourism

Tanzania Cultural Tourism lets you unearth the history, the language and the people of the region. The rewarding aspect is an assorted blend of experiences to take you closer to a different culture.

Tanzania holds a wide diverse and homogenous society that is extremely rich in old culture and traditions. The locals are well-known for being so friendly and hospitable towards the visitors. They have a strong sense of national pride.

Tanzania is also home to 120 ethnic groups with different cultural practices.

Things Unique In Tanzania Culture

The Language

Though there are many languages, most of the Tanzanian use Swahili and English to communicate with each other.

Learning a few key phrases can make a difference when it comes to interacting with the locals.

Most common phrases are

  • Hello = Jambo/ hujambo/ ​Salama
  • How are you? = HabariGani
  • Fine (response) = nzuri
  • Goodbye = kwaheri/ kwaherini (more than one peson)
  • See you later = tutaonana
  • Nice to meet you = nafurahikukuona
  • Goodnight = lalasalama

Understand The Meaning Of ‘HAKUNA MATATA’

HakunaMatata is a popular Swahili word, which means “No worries” or “no problem”. This phrase becomes more popular when The Lion King movie hit the screen.

Tanzanian people love the phrase. They don’t rush and advise the visitors to enjoy the holidays the most.

Tanzanians Are Artful Storytellers

Tanzania holds secret dazzling history. The ethnic groups have very little written history. Some keep it by passing from one generation to another generation.


  • Keep it simple with a smile while greeting
  • Using the right hand in dining is often considered good
  • Receive gifts in both hands or right hand is much preferred
  • Smelling food before eating is considered highly insulting the cook
  • Though Tanzanians feel happy when visitors click their pictures, yet its descent to ask for permission before taking pictures.

Tanzanians very rarely get angry

Tanzanians are very polite, understanding and friendly. Most of Tanzanians have strong bonding with their families.

Tanzanians love to respect the elder member of the family. Children are also raised to have a strong sense of discipline and to show respect for elders. The ability to control one’s anger in public is highly valued.

Tanzanian Beadwork

In Tanzania, it’s common to see bead products in the souvenir shop. Whether it is armbands, coasters, lampshades, necklaces, Christmas ornaments or earrings, the designs are wide and come in any colour, shape or size.

Though it’s compulsory for every woman to learn the beadwork, but both man and woman decorate the jewellery in their body.

The beaded jewellery represents the whole of their culture; it represents strength, tradition, beauty, marriage, warrior hood, marital status and their deep devotion to their cattle. Every color of the bead has a meaning.

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