Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park

Northern Circuit

Lake Manyara National Park

The gem is famous for tree-climbing lions, which is one of the main reasons for visitors to pay a visit to the park. In addition to the lions, the national park is also home to the largest concentration of baboons anywhere in the world — a fact that accounts for interesting game viewing of large families of the primates. Buffalo, wildebeest, zebra, olive baboon, blue monkey, klipspringer, lions, elephant, hippos are also seen here.

The alkaline soda of Lake Manyara attracts an incredible array of birdlife that thrives on its brackish waters. Pink flamingo stoop and graze by the thousands of colourful specks against the grey minerals of the lakeshore. Yellow-billed storks swoop and corkscrew on thermal winds rising up from the escarpment, and herons flap their wings against the sun-drenched sky. Even reluctant bird-watchers will find something to watch and marvel at within the national park.

Location: Northern Tanzania. The entrance gate lies 1.5 hours (126km/80 miles) west of Arusha

Best Time to Visit: 

The park remains crowded from July to October for superb wildlife and bird viewing opportunity. The stunning scenery of Lake Manyara draws millions of visitors.

However, from November to May, the park presents its most loveliness. Because the season is wet and the vegetation is lush and cascading waterfalls enhance the beauty. During this time the bird watching is also the best as some migratory birds visit the park.

Established 1960
Protected Area Type National Park
When to Go Game viewing within Lake Manyara National Park is excellent all year round, but the best views can be enjoyed from late June to the finish of September, since it is the dry season
Park Size 330 sq km (127 sq miles)
Distance Arusha - Lake Manyara National Park. Distance: 130 km, from the lodge in Arusha it takes about 3 hours driving, from Kilimanjaro Airport ca. 4 hours (180 km).

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