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Night Game Drives

Night Game Drive

Tanzania Night Game Drives lets you add completely different experiences to explore the nocturnal world. Some creatures in Tanzania only become active after the sundown. So Night Game drives are an extraordinary opportunity to see the lesser-seen animals of Tanzania in action.

Night game drives are one of the most popular and exciting activities on safari. Some of the parks allow night game drives. So as per government rules, we use specifically designated parks, areas and private reserves for night game drives.

A professional guide will take you to the night safari world in an open safari vehicle.

Experience A Completely Different World

Night Game Drives welcome to a completely different world. You can feel the sheer thrill and goosebumps when the animals become active and go for hunting just in front of you.

Your guide will be with you on the adventurous trip and help you to know the behaviour and activities of the creatures.

An animal-friendly red filter light is attached to the vehicle, which is helpful to detect the eyes of the shy animals who love to hide in the dark. Normally the vehicle is open and your guide can spot easily the animals whether it’s a predator or prey.

Which Animals Can Be Seen At Night Time? 

The special safari lets you encounter the big nocturnal animals to the smallest nocturnal animals such as lions, leopards, hippos, porcupines, genets, civet cats, white-tailed mongoose, aardvarks and cape hares.

The nocturnal predators can be seen hunting in the night hours and they often go to sleep in the day-time.

Where To Experience The Night Game Drives 

As per the rules and regulations of the Tanzanian Government, some of the national parks don’t allow night game drives.

Night drives are popular in Tanzania’s Northern Circuit parks and game reserves. This means you get a night safari experience quite like no other with absolute seclusion and exclusivity in the wilderness.

How Night Game Drives Are Different From Day Game Drives

Most of the big predators do hunting in the night time. The more magical is the sound of the wilderness in the night. The night game drives also allow you to see the shy creatures that don’t come to the front in the day-time.

What To Wear On A Night Game Drive?

Don’t forget to be comfortable as your trip will continue for some hours.

Though the surroundings are dark, subtle colors are good on a night game drive. Your dress-up should not frighten the animals. They can see you clearly, even if you can see them. A warm layer of clothes is more recommended.

Night photography is difficult to be right, so a good camera with extra batteries are essential. Moreover, listening to your guide and following your guide will help you to explore the night safari world the most.

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