Balloon Safari
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Balloon Safari

Balloon Safari

There is something magical about rising slowly up in huge colourful balloon crossing the treetops and moving towards the sun rising. Floating like a bird, in the open air is an adrenaline rush activity.

It’s a fantasy dream for many that come to Tanzania. It’s even more special when the landscape you are moving above is the most Spectacular Place In Tanzania.

Balloon Safari is an exotic adventure activity around the world. The feel of excitement you get as you rise to the sky and get a bird’s eye view is unbelievable.

Among all parks of Tanzania Serengeti National Park leaves you speechless.

Timing Is Everything

Early morning is considered to be the best time to go for a balloon safari.

In the early morning, you will be taken to the launch site in your safari vehicle. Before take-off, your flight operator will brief you on the detail about the whole trip. The journey continues 40 minutes to 1hour duration.

Sometimes the direction and duration of the flight depend upon the weather condition.

As the balloon flies at wind speed, so the entire flight is smooth and comfortable.

Exploring The Highlights Of Serengeti National Park

The vast endless plains of Serengeti are an excellent place to have the hot-air-balloon flight.

The variety and numbers of animals and birds seen will vary with the time of year, conditions and your luck.

The most exciting thing is everything that is seen is the real world of wilderness and nature. The open savannah offers a clear view of all heights. Sometimes flying at the treetop height and sometimes below the height and watching millions of Wildebeest herd running is truly amazing.

Some wild animals can be seen lazily waking up and getting ready for the early hunt.

With an impressive population of wild animals and birds, Serengeti is always alive and offers unique game viewing with a varied topology. The stunning park gives a chance to experience one of the seven natural travel wonders of the world,  Great Wildebeest Migration.

What You Will Love

  • Rising above the Earth with the sunrise
  • Floating smoothly in the direction of the wind
  • Witnessing wild animals having breakfast
  • Flying above the migrating herd
  • Extraordinary photographic opportunities and stunning scenery
  • Extra-ordinary Champagne breakfast after landing

What To Bring With You

  • Layered clothing to avoid old winds
  • A good pair of binoculars and a camera
  • A stylish hat
  • Pack your enthusiasm and gear up for the marvellous adventure and enjoy every moment of it, as this is going to be one of the important highlights of your life.

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